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The main mission of the Socrates Cambridge International Schools in Bydgoszcz is to educate our students in an interdisciplinary, holistic and intercultural way. Our goal is the comprehensive intellectual, emotional and social development of a young person. In addition to all the basic skills, we try to teach them to look critically at the reality around us, which is necessary in adult life. An important aspect of our mission is intercultural dialogue. The most important tasks include: promoting tolerance and treating differences as values, and disseminating knowledge about the rules respected in various cultural groups. Such knowledge allows us to understand not only the world, but also ourselves and our traditions. Education at our school helps students to fully appreciate the world and the diversity of its inhabitants.

The school is a community of teachers, students and their parents. Everyone in our school creates a friendly, creative and tolerant atmosphere. It's a community where no one is anonymous. Caring for open communication, a creative approach to problem solving and an attitude of mutual respect are our priorities, building an atmosphere of security and understanding. This is the basis for our students to be successful, regardless of the reality in which they will function. We strive for upbringing, we teach mutual acceptance and respect. We help in recognizing moral values ​​and in understanding different views. We teach children to respect their history, culture and national tradition, while respecting other cultures and nationalities.

The didactic and educational process is aimed at the comprehensive and harmonious development of each student. We provide not only theoretical knowledge, but also develop specific skills to use the acquired knowledge and competences - especially planning skills, communication skills, the ability to effectively cooperate in a team, the ability to solve problems in a creative way, deal with stress and crisis situations, and the ability to efficiently use modern information technologies. Teaching through direct participation in educational projects, through discovering, gives a chance to instill in young minds the respect for science, the need for knowledge, respect for the culture and traditions of all nations. In teaching, we rely on the needs of young people who want to explore the principles and laws that govern the modern world.

The didactic and educational process in our school is focused primarily on meeting the needs of the student, such as: the need for security, love, friendship, recognition and respect, the need for knowledge and self-realization.
Our innovative didactic and educational programs stimulate the cognitive development of students, their emotional, social, ethical, cultural and physical skills.

The school pays great attention to the education of pro-ecological and pro-health attitudes.

We put emphasis on:
• trust instead of coercion,
• creativity in the place of submission,
• independence, not blind obedience,
• real relationships instead of impersonal rules,
• independent, creative thinking instead of re-creative actions, following orders,
• subjective and not objective treatment of the student.

Each of the schools in our complex, giving students a lot of freedom and creating a field for various forms of their activity, at the same time very clearly indicate the boundaries, the crossing of which cannot be tolerated. We must not tolerate verbal and physical aggression, as well as behavior that threatens the health or life of each member of the school community, dishonest, unethical activities. The school must be a place that ensures full safety for all students attending it.

We help in discovering talents and we care about their development. We take care of students who require didactic, caring and educational help. Together with parents, we try to make every student feel good at school and be able to achieve success to the best of their abilities. We pursue our goals in an atmosphere of mutual support, healthy competition and simultaneous care for the harmonious development of the child. We are distinguished by the modernity of the applied programs, methods, professionalism, constant need for improvement, creative action and creativity.

The mission of our school is to create an inspiring environment in which good upbringing, high level of education, and the freedom to communicate in foreign languages ​​will prepare young people for the challenges posed by the modern world.

We are a place, where young minds start to grow.

Renata Girzejowska
Chairman of the Board
Of the First Private School Complex

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