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In offering the Cambridge programme we provide our students with the ability to develop their speech at the same rate as their monolingual peers.

Students who attend Cambridge classes have been proven to have better developed language structures, which influences their entire educational process. The Cambridge programme develops not only the linguistic abilities of students, but also positively influences their efficiency in creative processes and mathematical calculations. Cambridge classes also help extend abilities outside those of linguistic ones, abilities derived from various offered subjects. Students who are taught in accordance with the Cambridge programme and accomplish tasks according to it quickly form a metalinguistic awareness, which in turn means that they rapidly achieve good results. Instead of just being a school subject, the English language is a tool our students can use to get to know the world around them.

While participating in Cambridge programmes, students look after the development of their own social competences. Students are regularly admired and praised for their achievements, thus building their confidence, they are also aware of different cultural groups and can relate to them, while being open, tolerant and flexible. The Cambridge programme helps expand cognitive horizons and allows for a better understanding and comprehension of cultural differences providing hope for the creation of a more tolerant society. Functioning in a multilingual society requires that present-day students also have well-developed intercultural competences which will aid in mutual understanding. For this reason, not only the learning of foreign languages, but also the perfection of conducting an intercultural dialogue are abilities which are inscribed in all activities making up the Cambridge programme.

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