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The International Sokrates Cambridge International Schools are part of 14 non-public institutions that make up the First Private School Complex, which started operating in 1989. This year, the first private, independent non-public school in Poland was established - the Business High School. We created a school where, apart from the current curriculum, we implemented our own educational and didactic programs. We were aware of the responsibility and the belief that we are creating a school in a changing reality for young people who have a unique chance for development, which will function differently in the emerging democratic society, in the new realities of the free market economy.

In 1990, we established more schools. We have created conditions for children and young people to develop independence in thinking and acting. We shaped their responsibility for themselves and the community created with others. We communicated the values ​​and moral principles that were the unquestionable basis and strength necessary to start adult life. Over the years, we have adapted our proprietary programs, methods and educational profiles to the changing socio-economic, demographic, cultural and political conditions, and above all to the individual needs, expectations and possibilities of children and young people.

The success that we have achieved until today is based on the belief that the school is an inseparable community of students-teachers-parents, and that for the benefit of the student and their subjectivity, it is the primary and unquestionable goal. The quality of didactic and educational work with children and young people is at all times the most important, open process for us, which is the basis of our activity.

The essence of our achievements is also the awareness that the school must teach tolerance, respect for human rights and sensitivity to the needs of others. The educational and didactic programs that we implement are a continuation of the assumptions adopted years ago, i.e.

  • creating conditions for developing independence
  • teaching independence in thinking
  • presenting one's opinion and the possibility of expressing it
  • creating conditions conducive to the development of individual interests of students and taking their responsibility for their development
  • creating conditions conducive to developing students' responsibility for the school community
  • ensuring organizational conditions for the development of activity in democratically operating structures of school authority
  • creating conditions guaranteeing assistance to students in need of educational support, equalization of educational opportunities
  • creating a multicultural school community, teaching respect for other people regardless of their ethnic origin, professing other differences
  • developing students' sensitivity to the difficult life situation of many people in Poland and in the world, especially to the difficult situation of children, through the functioning of volunteering, participation in charity and solidarity actions
  • creating conditions for a safe environment without verbal and physical aggression, as well as behavior threatening health or life, as well as dishonest and unethical activities.

The Socrates Primary School with its proprietary programs for bilingual classes, which was established in 2009, is our educational response to Poland's accession to the European Union. Poland's entry into the Schengen area resulted in the opening of borders with our western and southern neighbors, created the need for better knowledge of foreign languages, development of intercultural competences, and improvement of the skills of conducting intercultural dialogue, which are included in all activities of Socrates Schools.
Our vision is that broader career prospects are only open to people who can handle more than one language community. This has become the main premise for the Socrates Primary School to become in 2014 the only accredited Cambridge University school in Poland educating children and youth at all educational levels, from primary school to middle school and high school. An additional stimulus was also the creation of a school for children of foreign investors taking up work in the Bydgoszcz Industrial and Technological Park, for children of officers (Joint Force Training Center (NATO)), for the families of students of foreign universities in Bydgoszcz and for Poles returning from e.g. Great Britain and Ireland with children who want to continue their education at school with English as the language of instruction.
By following the international Cambridge program and creating multicultural classes, we want to provide students with an international, open, prestigious model of learning in conjunction with the Polish core curriculum.
Cambridge gives you broad and thorough knowledge, the ability to think independently and broaden your own horizons, and enables you to study in an international atmosphere. Cambridge University certificates and diplomas are one of the most objective and prestigious and the crowning of the acquired knowledge and skills.
Cambridge diplomas are recognized by more than 2,800 universities, which ensures complete freedom of education abroad. They are appreciated by government institutions, corporations and non-governmental organizations around the world.

The partnership with the University of Cambridge is a showcase on the educational map of Bydgoszcz, the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, and the country, and thanks to the developing cooperation and very high evaluation of the Socrates International Schools - Cambridge Internationals Schools, also on the international forum.

Renata Girzejowska
Chairman of the Board
Of the First Private School Complex

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