High School

What is a Cambridge class?

The ongoing development of international cooperation and the resulting growing number of foreigners visiting Poland make having a good command of the English language an integral part of everyday life.

Heeding the expectations of parents of Polish and foreign children alike, we have implemented the Cambridge international programme. Through the creation of multicultural classes we would like to ensure that our students have an international and prestigious educational model. The Cambridge programme offers vast and exhaustive knowledge, the ability for independent thinking and expanding ones horizons as well as the opportunity to learn in an international atmosphere. The main assumption of a Cambridge class is educating our students in an intercultural way. Our goal is the comprehensive development of youths. An important aspect of the Cambridge programme is intercultural dialogue.

The most important tasks are: propagating tolerance and treating distinctness as a value as well as popularising awareness of regulations upheld in different cultural groups. Educating in line with the Cambridge programme helps students to wholly appreciate the world and the diversity of its inhabitants. It also provides the opportunity to undertake future educational steps anywhere in the world. Aside from selected subjects encompassed by the Cambridge programme (e.g. Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History), our school also offers bilingual lessons: the MEN program, taught in Polish for students with a Polish citizenship and which includes: Polish, part of the history and geography of Poland. The British program is taught only in the English language. English is the language of instruction in all subjects forming the Cambridge programme.

Having implemented the Cambridge programme at our school, we have made the English language a tool our students use to get to know the world, instead of just being a school subject.

Our school makes use of Cambridge achievement tests, while final exams show the progress our students have made. From the tests we derive an individual report for each student and his/her parents, indicating the progress made. At the end of their studies in our junior high school, each student receives a certificate of achievements. Also, at the end of each school year all advancing students receive two certificates: an international certificate and a Polish certificate.

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