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Cambridge Programme

We are pleased to inform you that following a thorough process of verification of organisational and didactic capabilities of Sokrates Schools which ended with an audit carried out by the Director of the Cambridge International Examinations Centre, the Schools were incorporated into the global network of schools following international curricula.

The International Education Centre of the University of Cambridge is the biggest organization in the world whose objective is comprehensive education of children and adolescents from all over the world.

Following Cambridge Universitys curricula makes it possible for students to study at various universities around the world. Our success will benefit not only students attending schools in Bydgoszcz, but also schools in the entire region.

According to the University of Cambridge, Sokrates Schools offer education of the highest world level. We are the seventh school in Poland following Cambridge Universitys international curriculum and the only school in Poland to be granted an approval to follow Cambridge Universitys international curriculum at all stages of education, from primary school, through lower secondary school to secondary school.


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