Primary School

Grade III student’s profile

After grade III students should:

  • respect themselves and asses themselves objectively
  • be open and curious about the world, be familiar with the nearest surroundings
  • think creatively and on their own – have a proper value hierarchy
  • be self-supporting and care about their appearance
  • speak Polish correctly
  • know polite expressions and use them properly
  • be sensitive to the beauty of nature, respect and protect it
  • use various knowledge sources to find solutions of problems
  • be willing to act and work in a team
  • be active and responsible when fulfilling their duties
  • be able to organize their workplace and leave it clean after finishing the work
  • obey the safety rules during work and play
  • be responsible for their actions, respect the students rights and duties
  • care about their own and others’ health and safety
  • control their emotions, be assertive and resolve problems in a friendly way
  • be friendly, show initiative in play and learning
  • actively participate in the life of class, group, family, local community
  • be tolerant — respect other people regardless their distinctness (race, religion, disability)
  • know and respect the national and religious symbols as well as family, school, local and country traditions.

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